tu-tu cute!

Sela’s first dance class!

From the minute we told Sela this morning she was going to her own dance class, she understood. She has spent so much time watching her big sisters dance and any chance she gets she loves to run around the dance studios. I showed her the leotard (that used to be her big sisters along with the hand-me-down dance shoes and bag) she was going to wear and she wanted to put it on immediately!

Walking into the studio.

As they entered class, they had a big bin of stuffed animals to choose from – she chose a ducky and started running around, she was so excited!
They had time to dance using these big balls –
Sitting down with the other little girls, and her teacher…
Cute-chubby-bruised up toddler legs!

There are vending machines in the lobby at dance and before class started she wanted a treat. But, I told her she could have treats when she was all done. As soon as she ran out the door from class, she ran and gave me a big hug then ran to the vending machines. She was thrilled to have this little bag of pretzels and starburst! She was singing and dancing with them all the way out the doors!

Walking back out to the car, after class…
After class, she ran some errands with me and then we had lunch at the Nordstrom cafe. She loves eating here because we always sit at the “kiddie table.”
yummy (only to Sela!), strawberries in ranch dressing!My baby girl is just so cute and big!

15 responses to “tu-tu cute!”

  1. What a sweet day. She is such a beautiful little baby:) I need to get Hallie in one of Kim’s classes, I know she would love it.

  2. So very fun for Sela! It’s sooo hard for the little ones to be patient and wait for their turn, isn’t it? What a big day!

  3. Jane, Sela is SOOOO cute I just want to squeeze her! You take amazing pictures! I wish I were so talented! Here dance pictures and white pajama pictures are just precious!
    I hope my post works! Have a great weekend!

  4. How sweet! I remember my girls first day of dance. I can’t believe how fast they grow. She looks darling.

  5. I am so jealous!!! If only I had a little girl as darling as little Sella. She is beautiful. Don’t wish you could bottle her up and make this time last forever? Love her little legs.

  6. Who is that anonymous Nikki blogger? Not me. But I ditto everything she said! All those little parts…almost makes me want to do it all again. (Wha????tttt??? not really) But she is absolutely gorgeous! P.S. It’s been so long since I’ve seen you or Daph. I miss you guys mucho.

  7. These pictures are killing me! Sela could not possibly be any cuter. I love that she looks so grown up and girly but still has her little toddler legs with bruises.

  8. Her little dance outfit is too cute. The sweater just makes it all come together. I can’t wait till Ava can be in a dance class. She’ll dominate with her size but they just love it at that age.

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