trimming the tree

{not our bellies!}

you heard it here first!
there’s a new IN-N-OUT burger approximately one mile from our home.
who would have ever thought that orem, utah would receive such a honor!?!
this is good, and not good.


dusty & danny were such great sports to make special runs to walmart for extra-needed white xmas lights…first they spent about 1 hour getting half the lights on the tree just perfect, then ran out of lights again and made a SECOND trip to wal-mart!

notice their outfits: do you think they coordinated this? xmas-colored gym clothes, with santa hats! they actually went to walmart looking like this! in the midst of their holiday cheer…

dusty was pulled over by a police officer on the way back home. for:

1- no mud flaps on his hummer
2- failure to stop at a red light, before turning right.
3- failure to signal before changing lanes.

BAH-HUMBUG!!! {take THAT you police officer!}

…Dusty was just excited to get home & eat his triple burger from IN-N-OUT!

so maybe he forgot to completely stop & signal. #*ou!!

we’re keeping this tradition alive!
as soon as the ladder was in the house, the kids started jumping!!!

this was a brand-new, exciting jump for sela…she didn’t participate last year.
she was just LOVING it! she just might have a little thrill-seeker in her after all!

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  1. You always do such a great job decorating for the holidays. You house looks great! And I love the jumping from the ladder tradition. Where's the pic of you jumping?

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