time just goes too fast.


right now…

great sense of humor. exceptionally responsible. even tempered. book lover. mathletics whiz. dance fenatic. loves music. loves her iphone. social. loves tradition. hates all red meat. cringes when hugged. except after receiving gifts.

…in five months,

she will be in junior high.

it breaks my heart, just a bit.

no. a whole whole LOT!

i’m fighting tears, just writing about it.

i only get to really have her in my home for six more years…

…we’ve gone to “G/T” orientation,
because this little smarty pants did so well on her five hour test last fall
that she was accepted into the junior high English & History {gifted & talented} program.

…she went to ‘jr. high’ orientation,

…we went to ‘jr. high’ registration,
she’s also taking French 1, creative writing, year-long science, art, algebra…

…and we are home-schooling P.E. and music.

that way, she will get out of school one class early everyday, to have more time to rest, do homework, and attend to her insane dance schedule. plus, it’s kind of charming to home-school jr. high P.E., don’t ya think?

{she has her sights set on Julliard right now…we will do all we can to support her getting there.}

remember, it is only six years away!


at jr. high registration, they did a cute activity, where they let the kids ‘practice’ opening lockers…

if they succeeded, their was a bag of goodies inside,
and you could take a treat!

kiana succeeded, in the picture above.

{smarty pants!}

{really cute smarty pants.}

{love her so so much, smarty pants.}


{this is much harder than the first-day-of-kindergarten-thing for this momma}

and, it’s still five months away…

5 responses to “time just goes too fast.”

  1. Oh! She is growing up too fast…she is such a beautiful young women…can't believe that she is going to be in Jr High!

  2. Reading this is giving me a huge case of anxiety. My oldest is starting junior high in the fall too. I'm in denial. How can time go by so quickly?

    I'm amazed that your daughter already knows exactly what she wants to do. That's wonderful. Organized like her Mom.

  3. oh my, she is just beautiful and grown up! I hate that! You have done one amazing job… she has wonderful, TRUE, lasting friends and she will TOTALLY LOVE junior high. I love her classes, that sounds so fun!

    I love that girl!

    and she doesn't even need PE, she is so active with Dance, shouldn't that count??!!

  4. Oh dear, honey. You will be a mess when she goes to college! Jr High is so exciting! Cheer, dances, boyfriends …. ! Giving you more anxiety? 😉 She is such a good, level-headed girl. She has actually been ready for Jr High for years now.

  5. Aah man Jane, that is the saddest post ever, almost sounds like "overly" emotional me wrote it. BOO-hoo… (I love/ hate these milestones. I'm so with ya!)
    However, Kiana is going to be the most popular girl in J.H., no doubt!

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