Throwdown elite training center

Daphne spear-headed Tegan and KJ getting memberships at Throwdown. It is a MMA, kickboxing, jiu jitsu, boxing, weight-lifting, yoga, etc etc gym… some serious tough stuff! If you’re not in this area you could check out another martial art place such as Attack The Back, but Throwdown is perfect for these two five year old boys who BOTH have three sisters! They need some roughin’ up!

This is only KJ’s second week, but it was my first time to drop in because it was my turn to pick the boys up and drive them home. I didn’t see what KJ was wearing when my friend picked him up to go today so my first reaction was laughter to see the boys dressed identical in their matching MEXICO soccer jerseys, from MEXICO! {perfect for st. patty’s day!}

When I came home tonight and started looking through the pictures I was laughing {again} to see that Tegan had smiled directly at the camera in so many of the pictures meanwhile I didn’t get ONE picture of KJ looking at the camera! figures!

notice kj and tegan over to the left separated a bit from the group, what funny boys! i noticed the teacher would gather the kids and make them choose new partners. Except he never made kj/tegan split. I am wondering now if they told him they only wanted to work together, “we work alone, thanks.” or if they refused to?!? I’ll have to ask KJ tomorrow…

{tegan looking at the camera}

{tegan looking at the camera}

{tegan looking at the camera}

fyi- for the monthly membership fee, the kids can drop-in on a variety of six kickboxing, jiu jitsu, and MMA classes each week. You can go to one or all six each week, your choice. So far so good for us! KJ thinks one of the coolest things is that his class is held inside a fighting ring and he kinda likes the punching balls, but his hands/knuckles were sore last week!

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  1. I know the owner of throwdown. Adam. We hung out some in college. it looks like a fun place.

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