this weekend…

we caught a double feature.

we started backwards, by accident.

we watched toy story 2, then toy story.

the 3d was fantastic. good work disney.

however, my kids {and i} loved it till we were about 30 minutes in to the second movie, and we’d all had just enough toy-story and opted to leave early…

this did get us excited about toy story 3…coming next summer!!!


i do have one gripe about 3d glasses…
don’t you think it’s about time they made little kids sizes for 3d glasses?
i mean, aren’t there quite a few small/younger kids watching these movies?
my little miss three and mister six sometimes struggle keeping those big glasses on.

someone should have thought of this by now.

3 responses to “this weekend…”

  1. i agree… i think disney did a great job and we can't wait for part 3! But seriously, the glasses, they need to come smaller. Olivia's buttery hands kind of ruined the lenses. I had to keep trading her. hehehe

  2. I agree – the double feature was too long. Toy Story 2 is our favorite so we had to stay for the whole thing. Crew just ran around the theater the last hour of the movie.

    For the first time, we were given big black rubber tubes to put on the glasses for the kids. We actually all wore them because they made the glasses so comfortable and really helped to not fall off on the kids. But Crew still didn't keep his on the whole time.

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