this week…

myla was visiting/playing at a neighbor’s house last weekend, before she came home, the mom {a friend of mine} sent me this text:
my friend: “…we just had a priceless interaction with myla.”
myla: “There’s a song that says, ‘i like my men strong and built like horses’ when i hear that i always think of centaurs!
my thoughts: luckily, myla is truly thinking centaurs. 😉
after the last day of school,
kj asked me on sunday morning,
mom, is this the last day of church?
the song lyrics that myla was talking about above, also inspired this story…
when the kids are driving around with dusty in his hummer, they listen to this song.
since explaining to the kids the meaning of, “i gotchu…”
sela’s new response…
me: “sela, i love you!
sela: “mom, i gotchu!
{kills me with cuteness!}

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  1. ok…I'm curious!!! Love Shannon's design too. I've thought about tinkering…but I can't seem to get away from my sewing machine!

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