there seems to be a trend…

i am spotting a lot of black and white stripes in our life. stripes in our clothing, accessories, when we go south of the border, at our doorstep, in the kids’ toys, in our crafts. more than ever before. we’ve always been fans of stripes, but this past year the trend has erupted!

especially with miss five. she is the queen of stripes. she made herself that flag just this last weekend.

there are even more! i have pictures of us and our life in other colored stripes – red, grey, navy blue, orange… more stripes than ever before! {i am anticipating a black-and-white striped sox hat on the market this season…}

do you have a trend you see often in your life??? any fellow-stripe lovers?

{all photos by me.}

*row six: that is my booty. husband thought he was hilarious when he took that picture – ha!

3 responses to “there seems to be a trend…”

  1. Too funny!! I was wondering what that picture was in row six..I was thinking maybe your boobs but when you said booty then I could see haha. Sounds like something my hubby would do. men!

    I tend to see a lot of orange in our pictures – husbands from Tennessee so he loooves orange (color of their college team) 🙂

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