the winds blew…

It goes without saying, that when Dusty is not home, challenges arise.

It has been this way, for a decade.

I will deal with my hardest moments when he is on the other side of the world…
every time.

This week is no different. It’s nothing I can’t handle, but nonetheless, it happens.

Last night, if you were in Utah County, you know the winds blew and blew and blew…

My kids and I had a fabulous evening at our dear friends – the Bland home.
When we left their house, I had a phone call from my Mom saying,
“Bonnie called {our neighbor whom the TALL trees belong to}…some more trees came down tonight…”

My thoughts, “of course a tree came down, Dusty is not home.
Totally appropriate timing.”

By TALL trees, I mean, TALL trees. We are talking 50+ footers for every one of them.

The trees/branches/leaves/shrubs landed on our “mountain,” which consists of our pool slide, creek, pond, mostly a heavily landscaped area. Our iron fence did save the damage from being worse than it was. BUT, there is always a but..much repair will need to be done.

The ironic thing is… We have not officially taken any pictures as a family in our backyard since we have lived in this home. AND, I had Nicole Hill scheduled to do pool pictures the 3rd week of September. Since planning this, our largest pine tree died in this area of the yard and now, TREES have fallen and smashed everything. The family pool photos are not going to be looking so great, about now.

The pictures below may only be for my memory, because if you don’t know what you’re looking at it’s hard to tell where there should be a tree, and where there shouldn’t be a tree…

But, normally the rock stairs to the top of the pool slide are NOT covered in trees, and normally the creek/pond is not covered in a tree laying over the top of it…

The “tree service guys” did come this morning and have cleaned up a big portion of the mess. Tress service people are great for sorting your garden out, you could use someone like Treequote and they would do everything you need to sort your needs out. They will return tomorrow and then more repairs will begin…

This is the 2nd time large trees from our neighbors yard have fallen into our yard. I am forever thankful that at each time, none of my kids have been playing in the yard! Here’s a pic of the last trees that came down – look how little my buddy is!
Of course, {like misery} challenges love company.

Earlier today, our neighborhood lost electricity for a couple hours. This means my security system went berserk all day minus a couple other annoyances from that.

The kids and I spent a fun afternoon at Boondocks for Dub’s birthday, KJ’s buddy…
After we returned home and while trying to open the washing machine I broke the handle…Cannot open the washing machine now. There is a full load of wet clothes stuck in the washing machine. They are going to stink to high heaven by the time they make it out! But the repairman has been called and hopefully he will make this a priority because all you Mothers know a family of 6 has a lot of laundry to be done!

All things in perspective, life is beautiful and things could be much much worse.
{knock on wood!}

9 responses to “the winds blew…”

  1. oh no! I am dying cause i want you to do those pool pictures so Bad!!!

    Those are HUGE trees too! WOW!
    Hang in there, how many more bad things can really happen?!!

  2. Recently my a/c, my washing machine, my vaccuum, and my cell phone broke all within a few days of eachother! But 50 footers? That’s nuts! BTW, those family pictures would have been beautiful. She’s so talented.

  3. oh my goodness! i can’t believe those trees…your yard is absolutely beautiful (w/o the trees of course)…the weather has been crazy!

    btw, i got your comment about the shower. i will be there. i never saw dusty to get the invite, but jenn told me that i have to see it! 😉

  4. Of course this all happens when Dusty is thousands of miles away! I hope they can get it all cleaned up for you and that there isn’t too much damage to anything!!

    Hopefully this is the end of your bad luck for a while – I’ll knock on some wood for you!

  5. I am so sorry!! That is so hard. I am sorry about your washer too, that is not fun at all…laundry is definitely a must, I hope that is all fixed up now.

  6. I think it’s inevitable that something bad is bound to happen when the husbands are out of town! The last time Chris was away my A/C went out within 2 hours of him leaving. Some cruel sense of Murphy’s Law.
    Sorry about the HUGE trees!

  7. I’m so glad that none of you were in the backyard, or anywhere near your house, when this happened! I can’t imagine how scary that would be.

    OF COURSE this happens just before your photo shoot. Argh!

  8. Ain’t that the truth… always when the man is gone! It totally makes me appreciate the junk I don’t have to deal with… because he does!

    Your poor yard! It sounds like there will be a lot of clean up. So sorry!

  9. When it rains it pours! Don’t they say bad things come in threes? Trees – electricity – washing machine. So now your done!

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