the twilight saga: new moon

kiana and i went to see “new moon”
on opening night!

first, we went to the special nordstrom advance screening at 9pm
then we went with 16 girlfriends at midnight!

{going to a midnight movie is always an entertaining experience!}

our review of “new moon,”
we liked it!

a few questions, points, and/or

funny things we’d like to point out…

{do not read below, if you haven’t seen the movie yet!}

  • what is up with jacob’s hair extensions?
  • a few times edward smiles, it looks as if it hurts. why?
  • Alice is adorable, for a vampire.
  • jacob strips off his tee shirt to tend bella’s bleeding head, from that point on his torso remains so central a character it should be given its own credit line!
  • love when charlie refers to himself as the “famous ladies man!”
  • Jessica was hysterical.
  • the “face punch” action movie-scene, still laughing. “marshmallow!”
  • Edward tells Bella, “you gave me everything just by breathing,” oy!
  • we love the squeals & giggles of the audience on opening night!
  • Overall, “new moon” was much better than “twilight”


we supplied everyone with twilight chocolates
as a special treat before the movie.
want some for your special twilight party?
click here.

8 responses to “the twilight saga: new moon”

  1. Looks like SO much fun!! I am excited to see it. How fun for you and Kiana to have seen it twice in one night. I love the Chocolates!!

  2. Can't wait to see it. We get it here on the 28th which is much better than Twilight 6 months later!!! Looks like so much fun and you all look so cute in your boots!

  3. Just saw it – LOVED it!
    I have to defend my Edward. He looks like he is in pain because he is. He is SO conflicted because he has been alone for 108 years, finally found his soul mate, but loves her too much to take away her soul. He is just so confused and conflicted.
    Next, they made Jacob way sweeter in the movie than in the book. In the book, his speach is lazy, he dresses sloppy, eats like a pig, etc. I think they made him more dreamy in the movie to create more of a battle between him and Edward.
    All in all, loved the movie. Can't wait for Eclipse.
    Still Team Edward (even though he did not look his best)!

  4. LOVED IT!!

    I am laughing at jenns comment… i do not remember Jacob having slow speech and eating like a pig. haha
    But jenn we know you love your cold skinny wimpy vampire so that is ok. hehehe

    Jane, those chocolates were TO. DIE. FOR.

    Thanks for putting it all together!!

  5. Ha! Love it! I'm seeing it tonight! I wonder what they're going to do for the Breaking Dawn movie, because (in my opinion) parts of that got a little weird…

  6. Oh my this was a crazy night and SO much fun. Thank you for getting the tickets, and the chocolate, it's always a treat to get to hang with you.

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