the Throwdown showdown

This was a first.
for me.

We went to the UVU McKay Events Center tonight for
THROWDOWN’s showdown –
a full card of fights…

THROWDOWN is a new gym in town,
specializes in mixed martial arts {MMA}…

I really wasn’t very interested in going, but figured I would and if it became too gross, I would leave…

Now that the evening is over,
I think it was less action than I expected.
Very controlled fighting.
Nothing too gruesome.

and, we were with great friends!

4 responses to “the Throwdown showdown

  1. Oh Cory would have Loved that, He loves to watch Ultimate Fighting on TV and it drives me nuts!
    Always a good time with good company!

  2. Jane, you are a brave soul! How did all of those guys get all of the girls to go? Glad it wasn’t too gross.

  3. WOW! Id love that. Although it gets a litle intense for me sometimes. Hope all is well. Looks like you all had fun!

  4. We were at that fight too and I felt the same way you did before we went! I was very pleased with the evening and had more fun than i expected!

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