The “Thaanum” family christmas party

My nephew “Wil” was participating in the pre-dinner activities: coloring, tongue twisters, etc. etc.We can’t get enough of Lilly Marie!Sela & Lillythe blanket I made for Lilly…
Myla & KJ playing the the army men grandma gave KJbilliardsmore ROCK BAND!Evidently Sela has “mis-placed” one of the ROCK BAND drumsticks, so we have temporarily resorted to using SWORDS because our hands get tired/sore without something.Myla is our most addicted ROCK STAR…

3 responses to “The “Thaanum” family christmas party

  1. Love Myla playing the guitar and her comment about the snowman! You throw great dinners and parties we were happy to be at one this weekend 🙂 You all are fantastic and we are grateful for all that you have done!

  2. Holy Cow you are one BUSY woman! I love how you can DO it all!!
    The blanket is adorable and so is that baby! We love to see the Snow, while we are hanging out in the Sun!!
    I love all the Parties that you have Hosted and am dying to try out Rock band!

  3. Hi Jane,
    It’s me again;) Just wanted to say that I loved the blankie you made for little Lily. I’m kind of a junkie for baby sized sewing and knitting projects. Super cute!

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