The Show in Hong Kong

Sorry… I suck at taking pictures… I couldn’t figure out how to get the freaking flash to come on in the day. ARRRGGGGGHHHH!
Anyway, this blogging thing is kind of addicting… 🙂 I’m not sure I could stay up all night doing it (like pretty much ALL OF YOU) However… it is rewarding.

So, Hong Kong… Gorgeous Hong Kong… Jane and I’s favorite city in the world. It has everything, gorgeous beaches, shopping, scenery, nice people, great food… and of course Disneyland. Myla and I didn’t make it there. I asked her if she’d want to and she chose to go to the Philippines as soon as possible to see her friend Trish.

We hit the show… to my surprise Myla was not allowed inside (18 and older). I tried different doors with her in tow. She had a pass just like us and each time they would stop us. Here’s how it played out:
Guard: Wait, nobody under 18.
Dusty: What are you talking about? (insulted)
Guard: The girl is under 18.
Dusty: No she’s not… she’s 20 (because you never say exactly 18… learned that from Super Bad).
Guard: (stuttering) She obviously not 20.
Dusty: What? She’s a small person… you know… midget. (guard looks again, Alson has to turn away because he can’t control his face… laughing)
Guard: I need to see i.d.
Dusty: WHAT?? (very loud) Are you discriminating against small people??
Guard: (looks at me and now realizes I’m trying to pull one on him) No sir (with a smile) but I need I.D.
We all turn away… rejected again. Luckily they had a free baby sitting service upstairs. We head that way… Myla was hesitant and didn’t want to go. I simply said… “Myla, look if it is too bad I won’t make you stay… I promise. We’ll just skip the exhibition and go tour or something.” Myla agrees and we get there. Three lovely English ladies were running it. (In English accent) “Well come in dear!” Myla was instantly hooked.
So, Alson, Myla and I hit the show… it was good… grabbed some great contacts.

Later we ate and went swimming on the roof of our hotel. Myla and I walked out and saw only one lady… one hot TOPLESS girl sunbathing. 🙂 To our DELIGHT she was a chatty Russian model. Myla and I played and played… and had a ton of fun. Every now and then she’d have to say, “DAD!”
Our room was PIMP. Upon arrival I pulled a Brent Hekekia and asked for a complimentary upgrade… IT WORKED. For $54 we got the Luxury Suite. 🙂

We toured a bit… rode the ferry to get Trish a toy across the beautiful Victoria Harbor. The next day we had to go to the airport. Myla was so funny… “Dad, are we on the same flight as Myla (her namesake) and Alison (what Myla calls Alson?” I said yes. Myla said, “Then I think I should sit by her and you should sit by Alison. What do you think?” I said fine. She then said, “Because I have a lot of qustions to ask Myla.”
Uh oh.
We load the plane (after taking a picture in front of the Jimmy Choo store “Nothin’ feels right when I’m not witchu… sick of this dress and these Jimmy Choo’s”. Myla wanted “just one pair”.).
And then:
Moose: Ok, I’m first. What is your favorite color?
Myla: Um, red.
Moose: Oh me too… did you see my new suitcase… RED! Ok your turn.
Myla: My turn for what?
Moose: To ask me a question.
Myla: Um, ok… what is your favorite movie.
Moose: EASY! Pink Panther 2 (we’ve watched it like 4 times on this trip)
They then go back and forth for what seems like hours until Dad breaks in… “My turn”
Myla smiles, happy that I’m volunteering. “Ok.”
Me: What is your favorite thing to hit you in the face…
Moose: (busting up) a stuffed animal… good one dad! Ok, my turn…
The questions immediately turn more playful.
Anyway… so goes traveling with my Myla Moose. We are now in the Philippines… Myla pretty much lives at the badminton arena

I’ll take some pics… and post them. TO BE CONTINUED…

5 responses to “The Show in Hong Kong”

  1. oh goodness. how i love hong kong…

    i love seeing the pics of you and moosey there. and i can just hear her asking myla all those questions, seriously, that girl…

    has moosey gotten good at badmitten? we'll have to set up our net again in the backyard, i love it!

    can't wait to see more, you are too awesome big papi!

  2. I SO love that Dusty is taking pictures AND blogging! He is awesome. Looks like a great daddy/daughter trip! I want to go to Hong Kong – sounds sweet!

  3. ok, i am loving this Dusty! Keep it up, I am bursting out in laughter when you tried to sneak Myla into the Show, it made me think of our Cabo days when you were a lawn mowing boy! haha

    Great Pictures, and i love the conversation with her namesake.

    oh and Way to go on Dad of the year taking your daughter to the Topless Pool. hahaha

  4. a daddy-daughter business trip seems like pretty much every little girl's dream come true. i'm putting this on my list of things to do if i ever have kiddies someday.

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