The Rhodes kids sit on Santa’s lap

This is somehow one of the few things I have done consistently with holiday traditions. Take the kids to see Santa. I abhor the long lines to see him (refuse to wait), so each year after Thanksgiving and before December rolls in we play hooky from school for the morning and visit Santa at the Mall. No line. After the “what we wants & bribes to smile for camera” we have lunch – then go to school – very late. Today was the day. Check mark. Also, for the first time ever, when I downloaded my pictures on my computer this afternoon (while talking on the phone) I obviously did something very wrong and the pictures are missing. I was hoping to add a picture from my own camera of Sela SCREAMING the very second we handed her off to Santa. Luckily, her overly protective & sweet big sister took over and in the picture Sela looks like she was never upset…but a little confused of what’s going on.

3 responses to “The Rhodes kids sit on Santa’s lap”

  1. So cute of Sela! It doesn’t even look like she was upset!
    After Kiana called us from the Mall, we went and saw Santa too..I didn’t end up buying the picture cause i felt guilty that Boston wasn’t in it! So now i am going to have to Check him out early one day so I too, can check it off my list of things to do. 😉

    btw…he is not the same one. I miss the real Santa!

  2. Jane its me the ever present blogger that you don’t know. haha. I love your traditions. So fun to ditch school for Santa. That is a tradition, something that your children will never forget. Love it.

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