the rhodes home

is a tonsil-free environment.

myla, kj, and sela had their tonsils and adenoids taken out thursday morning. it was a buy two get one free deal. {kidding.}

it’s not due to illness, all of them including kiana {who had her tonsils and adenoids taken out one or two years ago. i can’t quite remember when it was} have always had minor issues related to breathing. sela sparkles being the worst case – she’s survived sleep apnea. not something you want to mess with.

the hospital staff and doctor was great. they gave us our own little family suite supplied with all kinds of books, stickers, markers, and princess crowns.

kiana and i were hanging out on the pediatric floor waiting for sela to return from surgery when this big dog walked by. It’s name was Jaro, and he is a Russian Terrier. He makes weekly trips to visit the kids in the pediatric unit. I don’t know about everyone else’s kids, but most of my kids would not be very excited to see a dog THIS big! hehe. even kiana was a bit cautious to take a picture with him…

all three surgeries went great. all three in less than an hour. my babies woke up and had an endless supply of popsicles supplied by the hospital before heading home. kj and myla got to share a double wheelchair to leave the hospital, but they made a stop by sela’s room first to visit before leaving. sela was supposed to stay the night because she is so young, but by the middle of the afternoon they allowed her to leave since she was doing so good. sela was given the royal treatment and got pulled out to our car by wagon. she loved it.

we are all home now. everyone is doing as well as expected. we had one panicked phone call to 911 on thursday night. sela started choking, stopped breathing, and briefly turned blue. she recovered pretty quickly, we told 911 not to send anyone and immediately paged our doctor. when our doctor called us, he said she had a “laryngospasm.” she regained breathing on her own after dusty and I and all her siblings had completely freaked out. Dusty swiped her mouth to try and figure out what she was choking on, gave her the Heimlich over and over…we were all upset and eventually calmed down. oh, i hate stuff like that. Other than that moment, everything has been routine post-surgery care. if anyone is craving ice cream, stop on by, we have at least ten gallons in our freezer. every kind you can imagine…

the kids have had friends visit with balloons, dippin’ dots, and just to stop in and check on them…

thank you for all your thoughts, prayers, and love.


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  1. Oh my … you guys are in for a week! I think its great you did everyone together. I cannot believe the size of Sela's adnoids! And SO scary with her not breathing … I think I would have checked her back into the hospital and told them to keep her for a week. Good thing you and Dusty stayed relatively calm. I got my tonsils and adnoids out when I was 12 and did what Sela did in the recovery room. I had to go back into surgery because I was choking on my own blood! So scary and I am SO glad you guys are all done and through the scary part!

  2. I'm sure you are glad that is over. They are so brave. My kids talked about them all day long.. asking if they were in surgery, done, home. You have really great kids!

  3. My little 9 year old is having his tonsils and adenoids out soon. How long was recovery for your kids?

    a reader and fan in Texas


  4. hey JB – i hope you check back here, i usually posts my responses on the readers blog…but yours is either private or i can't get to it…

    our average recovery time for the three kids was 10 days. but they each had different struggles. for example, my younger two were much more senstive to their pain meds than my older daughter. and tended to have more of an upset stomach. My six year old son pretty much refused to eat for a few days..and my girls were both champs when it came to eating…go figure. The first couple of days weren't bad if the kids were on their meds, then days 3-7 seemed more mercurial. but, by days 8-10 there was great improvement.

    good luck!!!

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