the provo freedom festival…

is a local festival that coincides with the fourth of july, every year.

the festival honors four values…


i love the HUGE celebration for america.
the activities included in the festival are phenomenal.

there are traditions that melt my soul, every year.
my american heart beats and my eyes tear when the

three f-16’s fly over utah county for the stadium of fire.
i stand amazed when my body truly trembles from their power,
to me, it represents so much, so much bigger than me.

i love waking up and seeing the hot air balloon festival right above us. as we were driving to breakfast, i snapped a picture of kj looking right out his window with four of the balloons in his immediate view!

we joined dear friends for the parade this year.

do you remember little bronson?

he is doing so good! he is one healthy, handsome, all-american boy!!!

my soul knotted up, like every year, when the plane flew overhead to begin the parade. when the soldiers walked by in the parade, i turned around and met the gaze of teary eyes from my sweet sweet husband. as the soldiers went by in their vehicles, marines walked the outskirt of the parade route and gave high fives to everyone along the sides. kj was right there, waiting with so much excitement. it was so tender to see his pride and adoration for the soldiers. they are so brave, so courageous, thank god for the service they give to all of us.

we took this family + mckenna picture right as the cannon in the background went off!

you can see by kj & myla’s reactions, they jumped right as we said, “cheese!”

the hot item at the festival in the park:
bows & arrows…

one tired baby girl,
we exhausted her every day!

what did you do to celebrate the fourth of july?

3 responses to “the provo freedom festival…”

  1. I can't get over Sela's hair… it always looks so cute and perfect! If only my hair would lay so perfectly!

  2. isn't the fourth of july the best! one of my favorite holidays for sure!

    we also went to that parade, i haven't been since i was a kid. good times!

    you guys sure know how to celebrate!

  3. Love the parade and awesome Carni rides! Those bow and arrows look so cool. My boys would have loved that.

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