the pennyroyal cafe

is a quaint urban cafe in downtown provo. in my photography class i was given the option to visit the cafe and view some photos on display by a student at uvu. it’s extra credit, and still early in the semester but i usually try to do all extra credit that is offered in case it’s needed down the road…

dusty and i tried to visit the cafe friday night, but to our surprise, it was standing room only. popular place. they have local live music and it was impossible to walk around the cafe and check out the photos…

so, I tried again today-
Jon Brown is the photographer, you can click on the image below to read his introduction/explanation of his photos. He goes into some detail about his interest in the intermountain landscape then moves on to explain while he studied in Italy, how the “effects of time are ironically used to create the contemporary.”
“the intersection of past and present is the primary focus of my imagery”

this is a poor shot of a really awesome photo but nonetheless it gives you an idea of his work and this piece was my favorite-
to kill two birds with one stone, i made the extra credit assignment, a girls lunch! thank you ladies for joining me – we will have to get together again {soon} when i have more time to chat! {notice: not busy at all for lunch!}

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  1. I love your attitude towards school. For me it was all about the minimum amount of effort I could put in to get a B and get outta there! I’m sure it helps that you are studying things you are passionate about. Keep up the good work – you must be incredibly busy!

  2. It looks so awesome!! I am so sad i missed out, i love hanging out with you girls! I had the craziest day and now it’s done! So count me in next time.

  3. Fun lunch! You seriously could make a travel book about Utah – you know EVERY place – food, entertainment, shopping, ….

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