the past 2 weeks…

went by so fast. I am wishing I could pause time, our kids will be back in school in 17 days…and this year, my 3 oldest will all be in school ALL Day. It’s just going to be Sela and I hanging out all morning/afternoon…so sad my babies are getting so big.

and, the next two weeks are packed with activities, so the time will fly, and summer break will be over… did summers pass this quickly when we were kids?

it is a habit for the kids to run to our mud-room/garage door and greet Dusty or I when we return home from running errands/work/etc.

I pulled in the garage last week and was greeted by KJ and Sela, Sela had chosen her own little outfit – semi-appropriate for JULY weather – topless with leg-warmers and ugg boots-

I was searching for something small and creative to put together last week. I had seen a cute idea in a Pottery Barn catalog where someone had used scrapbook paper/pages to lay out a background design on a cork board. I liked it and tried it out myself. I can’t quite decide if I like how mine turned out or if it feels too cluttered for my personal taste. I’ll at least keep it this way for a couple weeks…

Myla and I had an awesome golf lesson last week by our neighbor Melanie, former LPGA champion. It was so much fun. Melanie rocks. I have a sore bicep and a new appreciation for that little golf ball cutting through the air. It’s truly beautiful when Melanie does it. I had about 3 good swings, but have ALOT of room for improvement! Myla did great, and bonus to Myla, she caught a black beetle walking across her driving range/green. She was stoked!

Dusty’s sisters Nancy & Ruthy & her daughter Elle came into town for Elle’s softball tournament in Payson. We were able to spend time Thursday – Saturday with them, and hang-out at the ball fields and watch Elle play. She’s awesome, and of course, has sweet uni’s from uncle Dusty!

back: Nancy/Elle/Sela/Dusty/Ruthy
front: KJ/Kiana/Myla

the Payson softball fields are awesome, and they have this really nice playground very close to the fields for the kids to play that is 100% covered in netting so when everyone yells, “HEADS UP!” the kids are still safe. I love it, and have never seen a playground like this. However, KJ still managed to mangle his nose in the gate to the playground and came out with a playground battle wound. He thinks it looks cool because it is kind of shaped like a sword! We were sure he would wake up with a black eye the next morning, but he didn’t…it was just a bit more swollen and red. He still thinks he looks tough!

I logged ALOT of TV hours this week, wow.
We were so so sad that Chelsie was cut from SYTYCD this week, BUT, that means she will be back in town soon, and the kids can’t wait to see her!

She will be one of the instructors at the “Ballroom intensive” at Center Stage Performing Arts Studio next week. This is a 2-day ballroom dance camp open to everyone, if you’re interested, register soon! Also, Chelsie should be one of the performers dancing in the Center Stage/Scera theatre show the end of this month called, “Dancing under the Stars!” and it features some of our local Utah dance stars…

I have finished the 2ND season of Grey’s Anatomy. Late last night. I think I would have the nick-name, McObsessed, McCrying or McAddicted.
Because I can’t wait to watch the next episode, I cry during most of these shows, and it’s straight up a fact I am addicted to these characters. I bought the 3rd season last week, so at some point today or tonight I will start yet another season…. When does Grey’s Anatomy start again? this fall? winter?

Since I stayed up so late last night watching Grey’s, when my sweet little 22 month old woke up at 7am, I promptly woke up her Daddy and passed her off to his care. He took her downstairs, and thought he would take a little nap on the couch, thinking Sela could just hang out watching her baby cartoon for at least 15 minutes…
ummm, no.

She promptly found a permanent marker and began coloring her Sister’s DS, the tile in the kitchen…she then walked over to her responsible Daddy and woke him up with DS and marker in hand! Dusty said, he thought, “OH, NOOOOO.” I was still sleeping during all this. Dusty walked around our kitchen tile and said there was not one square without a scribble in it…He instantly went looking in the cleaning cupboards for magic eraser sponges and couldn’t find any, so it was time for a grocery store run!

He made it to the store, purchased his life-saving sponges…returned home, and cleaned –
WHA-LA! Like it never happened, it took all the scribbles off the DS too…and, he even found my camera and took pictures for me… What a man!

{I was still sleeping…}

6 responses to “the past 2 weeks…”

  1. I love that Dusty made records of the entire crime! How great is that!?
    McAddicted is making me laugh. I am wondering if I need to become a gossip girl addict or not. I might buy season 1 when it comes out. Tempting…

  2. 17 days??!! I can’t believe how fast this summer has gone.
    I now need to get season 1 of Greys anatomy, you have me addicted already!!
    I bet dusty was DYING when he saw Sela’s Masterpiece! haha
    Thank goodness for those Sponges!

  3. Ummm… the fact that Dusty even KNEW what to look for and — USE to remove permanent marker off of your tile is impressive! Let alone that he made an early-AM run to the Grocery store to stock up on them and then actually use them to clean up the mess before you saw it! AND THEN… Well, we are in the complete and utter extra-credit category that he took documentary photos of the entire incident! What a good Papi! Way to go, Dirty! 🙂

  4. Wow. Go Dusty. Impressive to say the least. I love that he kept a cool head and just took care of it. And he let you sleep. Much impressed.

  5. It looks like you have been busy!
    Love Grey’s! I was a late arrival too!
    Go Dusty! Way to get everything taken care of… before wife awakes!!!
    Enjoy your last few weeks of summer!

  6. I am VERY impressed that he cleaned up the mess himself! NOT so impressed with leaving the 22 month old to fend for herself but he is a guy, right? If it makes him feel better, Crew just fell off the counter (getting a cookie) while Geoff and I were watching Opening Ceremonies. How do they move so fast? It will be an interesting year for the both of us. I’m afraid these two might be the repeat of CHase and Myla – double trouble but really fun!

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