the howell boys come to bean town.

so. the howell boys are a big deal to the rhodes family. and so, the fact that we just spent 5.5 months without them, {did you read that? we left utah five-and-a-half months ago!} was a big hard deal. especially for my little mister.

so. do you know what the howell boys did in order to make it possible for them to visit us? all four of them got a weekend job cutting wood/clearing a chunk of land in wyoming! all fall they worked weekends to save extra cash so they could buy airplane tickets to come visit us! {amazing!} not only do i appreciate and love their dedication to coming to see us, but i think danny is such a great dad for committing to such a big project so his boys could learn a valuable life’s lesson about hard work.  yeah?

end of story: they came to visit! for eight days over thanksgiving.

beginning of the story: danny arrived with twelve loaves of my beloved utah spelt bread & the x-box starting running 24 hours a day.


thank you for the warm welcome-back to the land of public blogging.

i missed my readers, So so much.

and, i’m going to do my best to get caught up in the next week!


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  1. I love the Howell’s! What a cool trip and one that Danny and his boys will not forget. He came by to say hi before he left – the first time I had seen him in our office since Dusty left. I am glad they brought you a little piece of Utah- both as friends and with your favorite bread.

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