the highlight of our trip to maui…

was the time we were able to spend with good friends.

geoff & jenn were dear dear neighbors of ours for about four years before they moved to maui a year ago. they were incredibly generous to us on this trip {thank you!} and we loved seeing what life is like for them on the island.

it was so nice to catch up with their family, and take a peek into their new lifestyle…

we were able to celebrate crew’s birthday with them,
had lots of yummy meals,
went to a couple of movies,
spent time at the beach together and we {dusty and I, geoff & jenn are pros} attempted paddle boarding.

yes, attempted.

our goal is to improve the next time we are in maui.

i’m just sooo happy that no sharks came around while i was out there! huzzah!

please agree with me, isn’t geoff an excellent val kilmer look-a-like?!?

another friend we were able to meet up with is j & c newell, he and i are childhood friends from washington. he is currently living in maui with his beautiful wife and they have an adorable new baby girl. we hadn’t seen each other in years, it was so fun to re-connect with him and his charming family…

paddle boarding – way more difficult than it looks!
we were great at it, if we were sitting down!

3 responses to “the highlight of our trip to maui…”

  1. We loved having you guys here! I told you the lady in the pink shirt and hat was following you guys! I couldn't get a picture without her!

  2. Beautiful!!

    The water looked super choppy for paddle boarding. No wonder it was so much work. haha

    I am so glad you got to see and be with Geoff and Jenn. They know how to do Maui, that's for sure!

    Oh and Geoff is a total "Val Kilmer" look alike!!

  3. I miss Jenn and the boys! (your legs look ripped in the pic you took with them BTW woo-hoo, gained ten pound my fanny 🙂

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