the first day of school

i have always loved school, even though i do wish summer vacation was longer…i have some sort of addiction to learning new things.

my kids went back today. such a fun morning. there was excitement in the air. i still have a few more days before i go back to school. this semester i am taking sculpture, 3d design, and a graphic computer applications class. {woo-hoo!}

if i could, i would send all you students out there a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils!

here’s to another great school year, cheers!

the story is…kj got on the bus at school to come home and all his sister’s buddy’s {6th grade boys} were chanting for him when he got on the bus! they all wanted him to sit by them. a popular battle.

KJ got off the bus and said,

“Mom, i was so popular on the bus! it was crazy. all the big guys wanted me to sit by them! I think it’s because i’m so good at halo!” hehe.

kiana’s teacher is not pictured because she just had her first baby {congrats} and will not be at school for two more weeks. she has a substitute teacher till then.

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  1. how does Kiana always have the greatest class/teacher EVER! I love those pictures of KJ's first bus ride, somehow that is the highlight of the school year for his age. so super cute!

    Looks like a great first day and of course you had some yummy treats after!
    I love Mrs. Whitaker!!

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