the day after thanksgiving…

we headed up to salt lake city to cheer for our bearzy while she performed
in an opening act at the rockettes christmas spectacular.

(note: this is the first year for the rockettes to go on tour)

there could not be a better way to transition from thanksgiving to christmas!

kiana and center stage did awesome!

dude, the rockettes are awesome!

and, it’s such a fun-family-friendly-christmas-jammin’-show! we had pretty good seats down on the floor near the stage, and had paper snow {a blizzard} falling on us, lots of confetti and streamers. kj and sela could hardly
contain themselves in their chairs. they were either standing up dancing or chasing streamers. seriously. so. fun.

my pictures are not so great. i couldn’t use a flash, and it was pretty dark where i was sitting, so they are blurry to boot. i’ve inserted little arrows to help in finding miss twelve.

of course, a kick-line in all true rockettes-fashion!!

the day after, the day after thanksgiving,
myla said, “i wish we could go to that rockettes show again!”

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