the child’s* come to town…

one – so happy friends from home came to visit – our first stop was lunch here and second lunch here.
two – we spent the evening by the waterfront with dinner here.
three – casey is an ice cream kind of guy, so we finished the night here. {get the banana – homemade & to die for!}
four – we purchased our first scalped tickets & made it into the grandstand for a red sox game! {we now have “bobby, the ticket scalper” on speed dial! everyone should have a scalper listed in their contacts, right?}
five – more food here! pasta for everyone in honor of the marathon, except sela who opted to have a salad.
six – taken from a window on our second floor, the boston marathon goes right past our house! we turned on the sprinkler in the front yard for the kids to play, and cheered from our driveway for the runners!  |  shannon at mile 15.
seven – shannon at the finish line, with her sister kim who also ran in the marathon. {read more about my friend, here.}
eight – my friend kelly ran for a diabetes association in honor of her 4 year old son who suffers with this disease. it was also her birthday on the day of the race. how cute was the sideline birthday party?!? i missed getting a picture of kelly running. boo.

* Child is our friends’ last name. it’s so good to have friends from home visit. my favorite! but it’s good they don’t come too often, because we sure over eat when they do visit! ::smiles::

{all photos by me.}

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