thanksgiving point – holiday lights…

i typically dislike upsells.

however, if you choose to go see the holiday lights at thanksgiving point this year… {click here for more info}

the 3D glasses are pretty cool. they come in 3 special effects themes,
snowman – snowflake – gingerbread man.

we purchased one of each. this causes every light you see to have one of those shapes floating next to it.
turns out, those floating shapes are pretty darn cool.


sunroof = best seat in the house for christmas lights!

{well hello, darling…}

the night we went, {the day after thanksgiving}
we were the only car driving through the christmas lights.

so once again—

miss twelve had some driving time…she took us through the entire thing.

{i took all my photos with no flash, like the special effects???}

i seem to be dressing my munchkins {and myself} in red plaids quite often lately, a rooted fetish…

and, the 3D glasses were passed around and traded at every new set of christmas lights to look at!
{totally worth the extra $2!}

myla and grandma… backseat buddies.

attempting a picture of myself…

we are still using the 3D glasses…
now we’re checking out our christmas tree lights at home with them!

2 responses to “thanksgiving point – holiday lights…”

  1. Hi dear Jane. Just catching up on all my friends darling blogs and wanted to say hey while I stopped in. Hope you had a wonderful holiday (looks like you did). Looking forward to seeing you in 2011…haha. Happy Christmas!

  2. I love Christmas lights! People so do NOT do lights here. The resorts get decked out though. I bet it looks awesome with 3D glasses.

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