3 responses to “thanksgiving…”

  1. beautiful pictures, and beautiful day. Your turkey bowl looked like a ton of fun. I love all the kids playing in it!

    Yummy food & beautiful weather, it was a perfect day!

  2. Let me explain…ok-there's no excuse for stealing a ball from a child!! 🙂 But it sure was fun! Thanks for capturing it with photos.

    Your Thanksgiving reminds me of my mom's: beautiful tablecloths and centerpieces and name tags…I love it! I may not do it, but I love it!

    It was a beautiful day!!

  3. What a perfect thanksgiving! Oh Daphne, stealing the ball away from a kid – I guess it got pretty competitive! I'm embarrassed to say that I probably would have done the same thing! You table looks so pretty and the food looks yummy!

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