our neighborhood turkey bowl is one of our newest-favorite family traditions for Thanksgiving… this is the 2nd year we gathered at our neighborhoods large lawn and played football. every age plays. It was such a beautiful day for football!

sela – a little unsure of what to do
Kiana & Elle playing catch…trying to play catch, i should say…

the game…
there were a few rules
1. no adult could interfere with a childs attempt at catching a pass.
2. if an adult caught the ball if thrown to them, they had to run backwards.
{this was particularly difficult for me…}
3. two hand touch anywhere on the backside was a tackle.

Michael Gleed was a pretty animated center-the kids loved it!
KJ looking for an open receiver, Brianna is a little scared that ball is coming right into her face-
kiana bear, still trying and having a whole lot of fun!

Myla; she just may have had more time with the ball that anyone else!
Michael Duckworth was definitely our teams MVP. He gave us two plays in our team huddles that were awesome!

Dub & Tristen rock!
don’t underestimate these girls!

was dusty coaching me or Brianna here?
go, Bri, go!!! I LOVE this picture! {Enrique wanted to be playing futbol instead of football.}
go, Lizzie, go! I LOVE these pictures too! check our her form in the next 2 pics!

she scores! woo-hoo!!!
the kids vs. Brett!
father/son – what a cute moment…
KJ played about 10 minutes {was it that long?} then became the sidelines scorekeeper…
our teams were BYU vs. Provo h.s. {hehe} we tied 6-6
football players
back:Michael D/Brett/Ezra/Dub/Dusty/Jane/Tristen/Enrique/Lucy/Michael G/RoxAnna

After the neighborhood turkey bowl, we spent the afternoon watching football, baking, playing games, enjoyed some company, then cleaned ourselves up and had our family dinner…

i thought the turkey was so pretty I took a picture with it!
My beautiful family. I love them, they are definitely what I am most grateful for.

after dinner we headed to the movies with our family friends the Gleeds & Sosa’s. We watched “Bolt,” in 3D and I thought it was very cute. The pigeons were hilarious and the kids loved it! Sela is improving at watching movies in the theaters each time we go, woo-hoo!

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  1. Your football game looks like so much fun! I loved all of the rules. Very creative:) And that Turkey was gorgeous! We also saw Bolt yesterday. I thought it was so cute. My kids really liked it too.

  2. Your turkey IS pretty, but you are even prettier! Love the big football game – looks like a blast! Miss you guys!

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