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As I mentioned in the last post, Myla’s high school tennis season ended with a banquet/party!

There was an entire team of moms who helped plan the bash. I decorated the tables, and planned HUGE prints to hang around the room of the seniors. After the party, each of the seniors took their larger than life photos home with them. If you are interested in printing images this big – at an affordable price – it’s so easy:

1) Put the images you want to print on a thumb drive.
2) Go to your local Staples store with the thumb drive.*
3) Print the images as big as you can with their assistance. Typically, the biggest print is 36″x48″ (I learned this from printing Caravan Shoppe prints!) and it cost only $6 to print! But, if you are willing to work with them a bit – they helped me figure out how to get the tennis shots almost life-size. They were cropped about 36″x 60″+, each one was a little different.

*It’s also an option to submit the photos online.  This idea could be adopted to a LOT of events: birthdays, end of school year programs, scouts – any time you are honoring someone: make a HUGE print of them! Also, if you are looking for an inexpensive way to print family photos for a bedroom or area of your house – try this!

For the tennis ball place card holders:

1) Use a knife – make a small cut in the top of the tennis ball, it’s fairy easy.
2) Place the photo or paper in the slit to put it on display!
3) My husband cut 2″ PVC piping in to half inch little rings, so the tennis balls wouldn’t roll around – instead – they had a mini display stand.
4) I cropped the photos I used in to squares and had them all printed locally at Persnickety Prints – they offer a 2″x2″ square photo with a white trim! The team pictures were also printed there.


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  1. LOVE this! Can’t believe those massive prints are only $6! I know that info will come in handy someday. And this should definitely be on some kind of website for suggestions of sports-themed parties. The pictures in the cut tennis balls are perfect. Great job!

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