tennis camp

with little words and mostly photos, eight days in *southern california:

our typical day went like this: wake up, get ready, go to breakfast, drop myla off at tennis camp, watch her for a while, i would go to bikram yoga or go running, shower, get ready, rest, read, time on my computer, pick up myla. but im glad she is enjoying herself. shes already asked for a racquet for when we get home so i will have to start looking on sites like RadR to find the best one for her. its great to see her so passionate.

then… we spent our afternoons at the beach with our set of pickleball paddles, a little shopping, lots of food, myla would snuggle up on the couch to read & watch tennis, or we’d go to movies – while in cali we saw the amazing spiderman, katy perry: part of me, and the latest ice age movie.

one evening via trolley we went to the sawdust arts festival. it was so fun – and such a beautiful setting! myla created a cup/vase on a pottery wheel with help, we picked out matching rings, and myla got fitted with a toe ring with our little cousin! {these toe rings are SO tiny and cute!}

more tennis… more beach… more mother-daughter time…

mother/daughter-tennis-camp-trip to *southern california is synonymous with pure joy, a perfect week, and sign-us-up-again-please!

*we hope to move to this area of the country one day…

{all photos by me.}

8 responses to “tennis camp”

  1. So nice for you and Myla to spend quality time alone together! As one of 4 kids myself I know how rare it was to find the time. Great photos (and I especially loved the animated ones!). Living in Ontario, I can’t fathom what it would be like to live so close to the ocean; it’s most definitely something I’d like to experience someday.

  2. WOW… my favorite blogger in my part of town! So neat seeing you at all my favorite spots, truly the best place to live! Hope you enjoyed your trip:)

  3. Oh come on Jane, you could have had all that mother-bonding time for 10 days in New York like we did for dance! Totally kidding! I am so envious of Myla getting out of dance. It’s running our lives! I’d love to get Holly in tennis. I must say, we did have a great time and Center Stage won studio of the year along with $25,000.00. So glad you had a blast in Cal. Looks so relaxing. Miss you guys!

  4. Hi Jane… I thought I would introduce myself because I so enjoyed seeing you in my “hood” here and on insta. I have read your blog from sometime now, let me say you are the best mom and sure do throw the best parties. We live a little farther south in San Clemente… hope you enjoyed your trip and maybe one day youll live on this coast. Thanks for your blog, its defiantly my favorite, you are truly the example of the mom I want to be.

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