tee ball

As with coach pitch, Dusty’s Hillcrest Red Sox tball team had their first game Saturday. Their jersey’s will be coming soon, but coincidentally, they were given green city tee’s just like Dusty’s coach pitch team…

As the game was being played, Dub & KJ were checking out/touching Sam’s spiked hair…
This is a typical scene at tball…wherever the ball is hit, almost ALL of the team runs to get it, and then coach Dusty has to break up the pile to continue the play.
Dub. If you look closely, I love that he is in awe of where he’s hit the ball!
KJ, with coach Dad watching to make sure he bats left correctly
KJ is so happy here because he batted last, he believes he got a “home run!” while running all the bases at once and making it home safe!
Sela, sporting momma’s sunglasses
Sela, the 1st base coach
the end of game, team cheer, woo-hoo!

3 responses to “tee ball”

  1. Yes, the spikey hair is quite a novelty! So cute that they all have to feel it! 🙂

    And I think it’s so great that Dusty is teaching KJ to bat lefty… he’ll be multi talented if he can be ambidextrious! 🙂

  2. Okay, I am catching up on your posts and just have to say I love that Dusty is teaching KJ to bat lefty! It’s never too early to strategize!

  3. SO fun – Dusty’s an awesome coach! They will have a blast even though they don’t really know what’s going on! Good job on your home run KJ!

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