Tee Ball – Hillcrest Red Sox

The team
coach Daddy with KJ & Sela
“the buddies” Caden/Dub/Sam/KJ
“action” shots…
the cutest bat girl ever –

KJ {eye is still on the ball!}
KJ; rounding third, and almost taking out Sela while running
{she was attached to third base during this game.}
Big & Little Papi!
Earlier this week, it was bedtime and KJ was lying between Dusty & I in our bed. As KJ said, “Good night Big Papi,”
he added: “I want to be called Little Papi.”<

6 responses to “Tee Ball – Hillcrest Red Sox”

  1. Really cute pics. I am thinking of trading my Nikon in for the Cannon. The Nikon just isn’t as clear.

  2. Your family is so cute and what great pictures! I LOVE your uniforms (I assume your fantastic husband has something to do with that), ours are just plain old T’s and horrid hats!

  3. I love that Dusty is still having the kids wear those darling RED SOX jerseys. Kade still has his. They were the best dressed team, all those years ago.

  4. ok so i think your little Hillcrest Red Sox definitely have our Boston Red Sox beat in the cuteness department. It still kind of blows me away that you guys have FOUR KIDS. It doesn’t seem like SUU was THAT long ago was it?

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