tall tall trees

we were emersed in the land of tall tall trees, which is why i think husband and i were inspired to play country music. i spent most of my teen years listening to country music, and pretty much haven’t since then… i currently thrive on adult-alternative tunes. husband has listened to country music on and off throughout his life, mostly off the past sixteen years. he listens to e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g else… and he’s known to sing around the house and adores karaoke. seriously. so, in a nutshell, our kiddos have not heard country music.

now, imagine if you will, the scene below:

now add six of us singing at the top of our lungs to alan jackson’s tall tall trees! we were the happiest bunch of goof balls you ever did see – catching smiles and winks from one another in the car..

and would you even believe what happened next? we stopped at crescent lake, and as we got out of the car we were greeted by moths butterflies. they landed on us, and sela was able to catch one — magical.

then… we discovered the most beautiful lake. the pictures do not do it justice. and i tried taking pictures of the water, but my camera greatly failed. it’s clear. just as clear as day. no algae. lined with trees, it is spectacular. you simply must see it for yourself.

sadly, we had to leave…

now pardon me, i have some country music calling in the kitchen, it’s time to go sing and dance!


a few of our road-trippin’ country tunes: turn this up loud now {introduce these songs to your kids or friends if they haven’t heard them!}, and enjoy your day! xoxo.

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{see jane’s shirt, shoes, sela’s shirt, pants, shoes, myla’s shirt, shoes}

{photos by me, jane beckner rhodes}

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  1. I *think* this may be my favorite post from your Washington trip. Beautiful photos and and great stories. Your blog book is gonna look amazing!

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