talking with your kids about difficult subjects: illness, death, and more…

mary had a little lamb house in massachusetts via

talking to children about difficult topics is a hard, yet crucial, part of parenting. in the past i’ve discussed the “birds and the bees” talk on seejaneblog. that is just one of many difficult subjects to discuss with children. today, i am sharing ten recommendations for having similar conversations with your kids. i would really like to hear what you have to say on the subject. head over to Boston Mamas right here to read the post!

good luck parenting, friends.  i’m having my roughest year yet – darn teenagers.

* picture taken via instagram @see_jane this past fall while visiting the schoolhouse that inspired the nursery rhyme mary had a little lamb. it’s located in sudbury, massachusetts and you can read more about it, here and here.

4 responses to “talking with your kids about difficult subjects: illness, death, and more…

  1. Both of these posts are great today! You are truly inspiring in both contexts. I have been thinking of how to broach these subjects with my own kids so find this extremely helpful. Would also love to see sometime how you structure your time to organize/find space for creativity/work/parenting each day. Something that is an ongoing struggle here.

    1. thank you Jennifer for your sweet words. I wish I had a constant structure for organizing/etc. — i find i just have to wing it most of the time, and just fit things in every day between routine life-child-raising-events. there are days where it is very difficult for me, too.

  2. You are a FABULOUS mother! AND you have fabulous children, regardless of the bad days/moments!

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