take a deep breath, don’t be nervous…

that’s for me, Kiana’s not nervous at all.

tomorrow afternoon, Kiana goes to her first nycda.

It’s big time.

this summer she will spend 10 days in NYC for the nationals,

way big time.

I’m so excited for her, we will be in SLC for the weekend and will post results
when we are back…

{I’m a proud-nervous-can’t wait to see her dance- dance momma}

7 responses to “take a deep breath, don’t be nervous…”

  1. this is big time now! congrats to kiana. i went to nyc to dance once upon a time…that feels like ages ago.

    good luck this weekend, i’ll be anxious to know how she does.

  2. How exciting. Can’t wait to see pics. Fyi I’m going private so should I just use your prolook e-mail? let me know.

  3. I am sad, I was planning to come up and support CS but now Curt has made other plans for us. Good luck to everyone. I remember those days. NYCDA was always my favorite.

  4. I know she is the best. I brag about her all the time, to everyone I know! Nerves can be good, they can keep you sharp. She has skill and talent to back it up though 🙂

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