swim party.

each of our kids had a swimming-going-away-party at our home with their friends. we used a color-theme for each party, and kept things really simple. kj wanted his party to have lots of color + a swim theme, so we made mini-gummy-candy-kabobs using swedish fish, and orange peach circles as floaties + beachy cupcakes + pizza + colorful popsicles… it turned out really cute & was so quick to prepare for.

these boys were crazy! i lined them up for this picture & without me knowing they planned to all jump in the pool on “2” when i said, “ok, 1…2…3… say cheese!” everyone jumped in the pool on 2! so, we did a re-take and they were good! {i have a very strong feeling that trevan staker was the master-mind behind their little plan!} ::hehe::

kj has such good friends. the mommas {most of my besties.} came to hang-out with me in the sun, too!

shannon/mckenna/moi/suz/becky/summer – who is 7 months pregnant {she wants this to be mentioned – in case you mistake her belly for chubs. ::smiles}

and – after kj’s party… sela, kj, and myla were invited to sleepover at suz’s house. {one of their favorite places on the planet.} this was sela’s FIRST sleep-over! she was officially over-the-moon-with-excitement, leave it to suz to make this little girl the happiest four year old ever!

{lots more farewell-party-posts coming this week!}

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  1. Oh my! The swim parties are SO cute! Holy cow – KJ has a lot of little friends. And you mommas look as hot as ever!

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