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Myla & Elizabeth {our neighbor & Myla’s dearest friend} are in their last swim class together, Myla will be finished after this year. Her class focuses on swim strokes, form, speed, breathing, and diving. Myla has always been fearless in the water and is doing great! I know a lot of kids who started swimming lessons early with companies like Baby Paddlers and I think it’s a good idea to get them started early. Swimming is a great exercise and it’s fun, so why not start them early.
KJ, he loves his swim class. His teachers name is “Missy,” and all day long he talks about her. He is insistent about wearing goggles each day to class, although, the goggles he chose today are the largest ones he has EVER worn! Hilarious! I didn’t even know we owned these goggles! He is a GREAT swimmer, considering the time he has spent swimming at home. Because of this, I think, he tends to spend much of his lesson time playing in the pool…
KJ & Missy, plus 2 other students in his class
Kiana & Sela. Kiana finished swim lessons 2 years ago, but if she doesn’t have a dance class, she loves to come participate in Sela’s class. In other words, if it’s not Mom ‘n Tot, it’s Sis ‘n Tot!
Kiana & Sela
Kiana & Sela
Momma & Sela; Sela has the same fearless energy in the water as her other siblings. Although, her shyness is a new characteristic. She does not want the teacher to talk to HER. I think it’s a good idea for any parent to teach their kid how to swim, as this is a skill that could come in handy one day. It can be as simple as looking for Private Swimming in north york (or wherever you live), as swimming can be a great way to build the confidence of yur children. Plus, it means later on in life, there wouldn’t be any fear of exposure to water. This may be something worth considering.
Momma & Sela
Sela is so funny when she practices floating on her back. She sticks her legs out super straight and points her toes! She’s got great form! Dance is definitely in her near future!
Sela loves to jump off the side, but usually gets distracted with the toys nearby…
Sela is really patient with us dunking her constantly, too. Many of the other parents have asked me all week what I did to teach/make her comfortable UNDER the water. I don’t think we did anything, other than, dunk her all the time! hehe.
Sela’s favorite place, hanging on the side – unassisted, she usually doesn’t stay here long because she loves to swing her leg up on the side and crawl out to either get toys or jump back in!

3 responses to “swim lessons”

  1. How fun! We have never been to the Scera pool. It looks like a great pool. We have been searching for a pool with a diving board.

  2. Way to go, Myla. Awesome! I love that there are shots of you and Sela in action… priceless!
    And what cute shots of Sela and Kiana… cute sissies! 🙂

    But, okay, I have to say the shots of KJ ar ethe BEST! The goggles are totally cracking me up! Hee hee! It’s like a full-on snorkel mask! It reminds me of the hilarious photos I have of Dusty wakeboading at Lake Powell in his old school orange life vest! Like Father like Son… a style all their own!

  3. Your kids are great swimmers. You should put them on swim team next year. They would all have a blast together! And good job, Sela. We are a BIG water safety early family!

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