Wellesley, massachusetts art in the park via seejaneblog

last weekend our town celebrated wellesley’s wonderful weekend – a weekend packed with small town traditional festive flair. only, we’re really not that small town. only, we are.

sela art in the park via seejaneblog

kiana was sick all weekend, but the younger three kiddos and i cruised around to all that we could to enjoy the festivities.

community art installation in the park via seejaneblog

my very favorite event was the art in the park. all of the picture frames were donated from our local recycling center – wrapped in ribbons for each artist to weave fabric through the ribbons however you pleased. the fabric was also donated. then the finished hand-weaved frames were attached with zip ties to the entire community project. the installation is still on display!

art in the park finished product via seejaneblog

sela and i sat together for nearly an hour weaving our frames. i assisted her in tying her knots, and she chatted nonstop about all the fabrics and colors she loves. we sat under the sun, and enjoyed every minute creating together.

this is one more fond memory i am taking with me from wellesley. if you’d like to hear a little bit more about our boston suburb, check out this post today on the deep-down blog. we pack up and move one month from today. it’s completely heartbreaking.

{photos by me, Jane Rhodes}

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