sweet Caroline, bum-bum-bummm

a little party to kick-off the Red Sox playoffs…
front: KJ/Dusty/Myla/Danny/Sela/Gabby/Bjorn/Kristin
back: Michael/Grandma Pat/Brett/me/Daphne/Troy
Angel fans went home sad tonight…{Gabby & Sela}
We weren’t sure if she was crying because they lost
or because her Momma made her wear that jersey?!?

5 responses to “sweet Caroline, bum-bum-bummm”

  1. Okay how HILARIOUS is that LAST photo of the 2 little girls! LOVE it! What a fun gathering! 🙂 Makes me wish my boys were bigger SOX fans… 5 boys over here… we need to adopt a team! 🙂

  2. hahaha…I love that last Photo of the girls!
    That was a good game, we were pumped when the rookie (brain cramp, whats his name?) pulled through at the end!

    I can’t believe that you had Angels players in the BOSTON Household!
    Super fun idea to kick off the Playoffs!

  3. I love how fanatical you guys are over the RED SOX. It makes it so much more fun when you’re a “committed” fan rain or shine.
    How’s soccer going?

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