Sur la table kids & teens cooking classes

i have found a lot of joy in cooking these days, when time provides itself, in our new home. saying this though, it wasn’t until a friend of mine recommended i checked out something similar to Delhi Baker’s Club that i then became interested properly in cooking. there’s so much you can make that you’ll never get bored.
there is something about cooking that makes a house a home to me. it’s strange, but i never quite feel settled in each new home until i’ve made a few of our staple family meals. how about you? what makes you feel at home in a new place?

i also like dragging my kiddos into the kitchen with me. i feel it’s absolutely necessary that they all learn the basics + a bit more about cooking. The only downside to cooking is that there is a lot of washing up that happens. But you can save yourself some time by just getting a new dishwasher, you can check out this bosch shxm78w55n review to give you an idea of what you can get. Obviously, you can always wash things by hand if you prefer to do it that way.

kiana has always loved to cook, and one of her requests for this summer was cooking classes! after some research we decided the best option was the sur la table teens cooking class. it’s located at the closest mall to us only about ten minutes away. kiana attended two weeks of these classes, and thoroughly enjoyed every class. each week offers a different theme and great variety of menus. she went 3-5pm every day monday – friday and was given an apron, the recipes, cooking instruction, plus enjoyed an endless list of delicious foods!

myla attended the kids cooking classes for one week, and also loved it – she signed up mainly because kiana was doing it, but turns out – she likes to cook too! my son declined the option to go when i was signing up my girls, then once he went with us to drop off myla – he asked if he could stay. he wasn’t able to, but is definitely interested next time.

My friend was telling me that she has recently had a new kitchen fitted. She based the design around touch sensor kitchen faucet reviews and I must say it looks lovely from what she has told me. Me and her have decided to take some of what I learned at the cooking lessons and put them into unguided practice together to see how it comes out!

the cooking teachers were fantastic with the kids and teens. if you are interested in finding out if a sur la table near you offers cooking classes, click here. i’d like to go to one of the summer baking classes – they all look so yummy!

i’ll admit, i was not looking forward to driving to the mall four times a day for five days, so i decided to hang-out there during my girls’ class times. i clocked in 20+ hours at the mall last week! and these two younger kiddos each got haircuts + made visits to their favorite stores when they were with me – Lego & Build-a-Bear!

the nice thing is – i usually go to the mall on a speedy mission squeezed between errands – i have twenty-five minutes to find heels for miss fourteen, and shoes for mister. last week i was able to just window-shop till my heart was content. which is nice, i have a good mental inventory now of everything that is currently trending in the stores, not just online. this knowledge is a great resource for future projects, and i was inspired to start a few christmas projects! i usually get most my inspiration when actually looking at things. what about you?

so, maybe i supported my kiddos to take cooking classes for selfish reasons— one: i would love their help in cooking {more} home-cooked meals. and two: mother’s day is bound to be amazing this next year now that my big girls are profesh cooks, right? ::winks:: selfish or not, i love a class that teaches a great life skill that can also be fun, rewarding, and enjoyable.

{photos by me.}

7 responses to “Sur la table kids & teens cooking classes”

  1. What a good idea! I would love it if there was a Sur la Table close to me, but I might look around for a kids cooking class close to me. thanks for the inspiration!

  2. love this mall! was just there last week. so many great stores.

    the cooking classes are such a great idea! i wish i took them when i was your daughters’ ages (might make boiling water a little easier for me now, haha).

  3. Great posts, Jane! I know I never comment but I look forward to reading your blog every day! Thanks for wonderful inspiration and your optimistic approach to life! It is so refreshing!

  4. That last picture is so sweet!
    Cooking classes are my favorite! I’m French so knowing how to bake and eat good food is super important to me!

  5. Woah. Just found you on google while searching and realized that the mall looked verrryyyyyy familiar to me!!! And holy smokes that must be the pheasant lane mall right?? Super crazy! I live in Nashua, NH and I’m stoked that a blogger is near me!

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