Family ski day –
Here’s the itinerary:
8am – wake everyone up for 10am departure
8:15am – cook breakfast
8:30 – try to wake everyone up AGAIN.
8:45-9am – start threatening everyone to wake up and EAT. We gotta go!
{note – everyone has been skiing but MOM this season and MOM is definitely the most excited this AM}
9:30 – Dusty finally remembers we’re going skiing, and breakfast is made.
10am – ORIGINAL time of departure, Kiana JUST got in the shower to look nice for skiing
10:15 – Hummer is being packed, ski clothes are starting to overtake the mudroom.
10:30 – everyone finally starts to participate in the “getting-ready” agenda for skiing. Myla & KJ must stop playing the Wii. {major disappointment on their side}
10:45 – Kiana is FLAT-IRONING HER HAIR to go skiing. {mom must be patient, I was the exact same at her pre-teen age}
11am – Myla, and Kiana eat breakfast {cold crepes from 2 1/2 hours earlier}
11:15 am – WE’RE ON THE ROAD!
11:30 – lower parking lot is full, upper parking lot is almost full – Dusty is mildly griping about parking. Should we just call it off, and go home today? {Jane gives Dusty a “look.”}
11:45 – Parked and putting on everyone’s stuff. ski boots. beanies. helmets. goggles. ski passes. coats. gloves. got your skis? got your poles? This is AT LEAST a 30 minute process. NO JOKE.
12:20 – catch the shuttle, get in line at the lift, 4 hours 20 minutes since wake up call – we’re going up!
12:35 – first run, here we go!
1:20 – finished first run, time for first cocoa break!
Ta-Da! This is how our family skis – it’s much simpler to keep it to 1 or 2 kids per time. 🙂

Dusty just pulls KJ around to help him keep up!I can’t explain how awesome it is to ski WITH my kids & to see my girls ski off down the mountain together. If anyone knows a word for – fun, really fun, amazing, proud moment, they’re so big, I gave birth waiting to see things like this. Let me know, I need it for moments like these. Kiana & Myla take off and leave the rest of us to find them later. It’s the best. They are the cutest!

Of course, Myla must beat everyone, and yells “you’re a slow poke!” at us from a couple hills down!There they go – Myla’s in the lead!I think this is KJ’s preferable riding style, but he is doing SO good by himself for being 4!
KJ – showing off his “french fries & pizza slices!”

2 responses to “sundance

  1. I know those moments, and LOVE them!
    How fun to finally have the whole family be able to ski! We started Boston at age 3, and i am not even going to get Hayes & Liv’s going until maybe next season!(too much work) It is so fun to watch the kids grow up, and it is these moments that they will always remember!!

  2. Fun skiing! I can’t wait to take my boys – I really need to get a real babysitter. What is that nanny website again?

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