my kids have been sharing cold symptoms for three-weeks now.

i’ve taken three of them to our pediatrician, and i’ve been told three times,
they have colds.

fevers. sore throats. head aches. tummy aches.

occasionally, i catch myself day dreaming about sunny days, our swimming pool, and flip flops.

and by occasionally, i mean frequently.

when i look at these pictures by the-ever-talented-vanessa

i can’t believe our grass was ever that green.

we have flowers that grow in pots, on our patio?

we have sand that is warm to the touch?

we have barefeet outside?


and i even complained about our grass not being green last summer.
{in the literal sense, mind you.}

as i look at our dead, brown yard right now,
i can’t believe i ever complained!

it’ll always get-cha.

and, i know i’m not alone. i’ve read at least a dozen times on facebook or other blogs, lots of you have sick little ones right now, or you are sick. i had an email today that our family in washington has all been ill. everywhere, i tell ya!

i went to parent-teacher conferences tonight and the teachers mentioned how many kids have had all the same symptoms lately. great.

so, to all of you with little sickies, or yourself, i send you big get well wishes. and hugs.

may you all have sweet day dreams about summer days…

while you snuggle in blankets, watch too much tv, wipe noses, make soup, give out doses of medicine, and continue to get better!


on another note,
our late-summer family photos
from september 2010.

i copy & pasted vanessa’s entire blog post with these photos. i adored her layout. just brilliant. i had to size them a bit, but it all worked. thank you, dear V!}

vanessa teaches dance, and is an outstanding photographer, and a momma to two super cute kids. she has taken pictures of our kids before, here. and, i have one more shoot to post about after this… so, more to come…

vanessa and i styled my family photo shoot together. she is so easy to work with. i planned the clothes, pinwheels, paper airplanes, and activities in our backyard. she brought the camera.

the pinwheels and airplanes i made out of white poster board. i used a typical pattern for the pinwheels, but did the math to enlarge them. after cutting out the pattern, i used tiny nails to nail them on to dowels. the pinwheels are now on display in my art room way up high in a vase on a shelf. so, pinwheels serve with multi-purposes… props, decor, party favors – you name it! the airplanes were played with for hours outside, long after the photo shoot they were still flying around.

really. this is just our family, doing our thing.
which is what i love about the pictures.

this is a small glimpse in to our life, in our backyard.
and, this is what we do.

every family should have photos like these.

we play football. swim. volleyball. we make crafts and take ’em outside.
we campfire {only in the back yard – Dusty Rhodes does not go camping. well, we did, once.},
we laugh. we play. we snuggle.

*we long for summer. and good health.*

12 responses to “*summertime*”

  1. Ok. Do all of jess's friends have to be totally beautiful?! Cause you are. Not trying to suck up. Awesome blog and awesome ideas. Consider me your newest follower !

    If you wanna do a typical Tuesday. That would be awesome! Email me k? Rachel.meynders @ gmail . Com

  2. {jane}-
    your post hit home with me on so many levels!
    first, i have an awful cold and am suppose to travel tomorrow – gr..(sniff)rrr (i can't even techno-grrrr without a sniffle).

    secondly, our temps are -15 this morning. bring on, (at least spring) ~ summer! they say next week we'll be in the 30's – i want to believe them!

    lastly, your family pictures are terrific. i can see love in each and every one of them! precious!

    ps: nienie has owl valentines:)

  3. I'm so sorry you're still dealing with colds!! So miserable. I am trying really hard to not be a complainer but I am mourning the loss of walking barefoot on warm sidewalks and watching the kids run through the yard with nerf guns and play in the tree house. I'm sick of being perpetually cold-but I remind myself it's like this EVERY January and February and summer always makes it's way back…eventually. I'm dying to play volleyball in your warm sand! I'm dying for sunshine! We will make it through….we will make it through…(rocking in fetal position)

  4. Jane! I love your pictures, what treasures! We've been able to dodge all of the colds so far, but I'm SO done with this crazy cold and snow! Bring on summer!

  5. Oh I love them all! Family pictures are forever. You can never have too many. And I'll take those well wishes! We have been sick too. Bleh!

  6. wow! these are gorgeous!!
    you look amazing!

    it's great to do things you normally do and have great pictures of it. such a great idea!

  7. Yeah! I am so glad this worked for you. I just adore you and your family. What a great day that was, I too can't wait for the cold to go away. How I dream of summer warmth and the glow of summer light. Awe…..thank you for your kind words, coming from you, it means a lot. You are my hero!!!

    Lots of love…~V

  8. omgoodness gracious girl!! these pictures are absolutely BEAUtiful!! i love every single pic! you and dusty are one good looking couple and gorgeous kids to boot.

    you have such a way with photography and picking the most adorable outfits for everyone! Love the volleyball and s'mores pics, that is what i am dying to do this summer at the Rhodes!

    love you, and summer is on it's way!!!

  9. Amazingly beautiful photos of an amazingly beautiful family. So perfect Jane!

    We were sick the ENTIRE month of January. So with you on wishing for SPRING!!!

  10. these pics are amazing. you are all gorgeous! i love that they are at your home too. love them, love them, love them!

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