Summer motto’s – Free printable!

Do you feel motivated by a good quote? Do you talk to your kids, spouse, significant other or friends about mantras? Do you use mantras? I find deep inspiration in a quote I relate to. When I read something that inspires me or makes me view the world from a different perspective I also like to re-visit those words regularly.  My family is accustomed to me sending them daily quotes to think about or taping something up in our kitchen as a visual reminder to live life with kindness, authenticity, love, etc. So it came as no surprise to my family last week when I taped up a page FULL of mottos for this summer.

I shared our summer motto’s on Instagram and promised to make it available to all of you. I’ve seen a lot of creative bucket lists the past couple of years doodled in all sorts of ways. And Melissa Esplin, a local friend who is talented in calligraphy and hand lettering creates weekly sunday notes that she shares on her Instagram account. When I started doodling my ideas I sent my sketch to her and she made them even more beautiful than I could have imagined! It turned out perfect!

Instead of a big family summer bucket list, it’s the mood/mindset I hope our family will adapt to this summer. And if you feel like your life aligns with the same ideas – you can download it here for free! If you would like to print it in black & white and color it yourself – download here.

What other quotes or motto’s inspire you? Do you have a favorite you revisit? I’d love to hear in the comments. Happy summer! xo!

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