summer barbecue.

my kids are finished with school for this year, woo*hoo! while we are putting the final tweaks on our summer plans – i am hoping to enjoy as many barbecues as possible – i love grilling for dinner. I know some people who have never had a barbecue before! I didn’t even think that was possible, especially during the summer, but I guess it is. I’m trying to persuade them to consider getting a barbecue, as they are definitely missing out. Plus, having family and friends over when you’re having a barbecue party is probably one of the best things ever! Here are a few visual ideas for your barbecues this summer. i have had an obsession lately with recycling aluminum cans for projects. as you can see below – they make great pots for succulents! i love the silver contrast with the green plants.

also, one more detail below – while passing basket liners at whole foods i grabbed a pack to use for paper airplanes – a little activity that match the fun for the kiddos at your summer soirees. you could also put crayons on the table & let the little hands color on the brown kraft paper.

my idea for the mason jar is to use them to hold the napkin + utensils, then use it for drinks. I am planning a homemade soda bar for our father’s day celebration this weekend, and will share with you more details next week, but those mason jars are going to be used!

sources – water bottles, wooden crates, gingham napkins, mason jars, and mini chalkboards {great for photo props!}

check out more outdoors goodness for your summer right here. three cheers for summer! now we just need some hot temperatures here in new england so we can go to the beach!

{photos by me.}

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