sugar Rehab

It is time to improve my eating, once again. I have poisoned myself with sugar, and I can’t say it was just “during the holidays.” I think I’ve been eating an above-average rate of sugar since about last July. That’s right. And I don’t make New Year’s resolutions to change things because then I have my birthday, then our anniversary…. So, even though Valentine’s Day is around the corner, I started eating well last Sunday. I’m on day 5, and that’s a good sign the ball will keep rolling. I can’t believe how quickly I can feel so much better when I’m eating healthy. By day 2 there’s improvement. So, it’s back to the high protein/low carb thing for me, and working out. It would be so much easier in this weather [lots of snow] to just keep putting on the comfy sweatsuits/sweaters and hanging out with my kids all day, minus the workout. But, come Spring I would be miserable. So, I will see if I can make it through this weekend – out of town – for Kiana’s dance competition. It’s always so much harder to eat well when traveling.

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  1. I am in that same boat. I haven’t been eating well for quite awhile. I always feel tired and low on energy. I think that is because all I eat is sugar and carbs. I need to talk to you about some eating ideas. I’m not very good at knowing what to eat.

  2. K. well you are so thin and look like you are in great shape so you definitely don’t need to be on any sort of diet but I agree, it definitely makes you feel better when you work out and eat healthier. Good luck!

  3. Travel is always the downfall! Hopefully since you are on a new upswing you will be able to keep it!
    You look fab, by the way!

  4. Yeah, me too! I’m totally a sugar and caffeine addict. It’s a toss up with the sugar in soda and the artificial sweeteners in diet soda, which is worse for your health. I’m trying to be good too. Good luck!

  5. Thank you for the motivation…I need to do this SO badly it isn’t even funny! I totally agree with Kelli on this one, though, you are tiny…but eating healthy does make you feel so much better! Good Luck and thanks 🙂

  6. Cute picture I love that little lady. It always feels good when you eat healthy, but I on the other hand will have to wait till after this pregancy. I have a love for gummi bears, jolly ranchers, jamba juice, and Taco Bell. Sad but true Jane. And for right now, that makes me feel good. :)By the way, Love the Cheer picture!!

  7. K are you talking all sugar-what about natural sugars?? You are a strong woman. By the way I went to the pyzam website-what do I do with the code? That shows how out of my element I am…let me know. Bye

  8. You don’t mean certain yummy sugars we may or may not put into black stuff to make it taste better?!? 🙂 Have fun this weekend!

  9. Hey Jane!!! Ive learned that your the social director of the blogging world, and ive messaged alot of people through your blog, so THANKS!!! I could never go with out sugar or carbs, or for that matter anything that is unhealthy for you, besides meat. yuck!!! Good Luck with your dieting. Ill eat a few twinkies for you. ha ha!! You look great!! Also, does Tammy Peavler still visit you, she is one of my bff moms. What a small world. One more thing, Ill make this quick…. How do you get music on blog? BYE Angie

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