stuff for sale and FREE!

Whirlpool DUET front-loader washer and dryer. {sold}
4 years old
comes already attached to pedestals with storage bins
the washer has a broken handle, but the door is still usable.
We have the old handle with make/model information if new owner would like to have it replaced…
sold only as a set; $450.00

FREE elliptical. {TAKEN}
has a thump-thump-thump as you use it; may need repairs.
first come, first serve.
King-size pine bed, dresser, nightstand {sold}
sold as a SET; $350
no mattress/box spring included


11 responses to “stuff for sale and FREE!”

  1. Jane I am interested in the washer/dryer if it doesn’t work out with the last commenter! Thanks Jane.

  2. What on Earth is Sela holding? Are those cheese puffs or gumballs? I’ll take her if she’s up for grabs;) And is that your “Ghetto” elliptical that you’ve been holding onto for sentimental reasons?

  3. Love the shot of Sela and the cheez-puffs (?)… and I’ll talk to Matt about the elliptical and get back to you if it is still availabe! 🙂


  4. So, I’m looking at that picture with Sela… tress are going by in the background and the picture is coming from the driver’s seat.

  5. So I love the picture of the Sela. How cute is that? I sent you a e-mail to fix my blog last night then I fixed it this morning. I’m so proud of myself! Your advice was the ticket.

    I acctually have that same washer and dryer. I totally love it. Especially my sanitary cycle. (family barffing the last few days…you do the math.)

    Thanks for the comment on how to fix my blog. Your the best!
    We totally need to get together with you.

  6. Oh Man Jane, next time you are selling your washer and dryer think of me. =) Love the pictures of Kiana dancing, what a talented little girl.

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