Studio 5

If you didn’t see enough of me last week, you have another chance… Hapari Swimwearwill be featured tomorrow morning on NBC5 11am, on “Studio 5.” Thanks for all the sweet comments & support last week – It’s one thing to take care of myself physically/staying fit & healthy in my thirties with 4 kids, and an entirely different thing to wear a bikini out on live TV in the state where I attended High School and college. Wear Hapari!!!

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  1. Is this the start of a new career? And are you going to have a Hapari Party anytime soon? I’d love to try them on before I buy. Email or Text me!

  2. I am sure you will look FAB, as usual! In the now 17+ years I’ve known you, you’ve always been gorgeous, but have never looked better! What a babe! 🙂

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