still more, from last week…

We had Caryn’s birthday lunch, ahhh, about 24 days late…whoops. We love you Caryn – Happy Belated Birthday!
The Howell Boys & KJ on Danny’s birthday!
Our kids school has had a “read-a-thon” for the entire month of February. This past week each classroom chose a book/theme and the room Mom a.k.a. Dusty Rhodes in this case were in charge of decorating the door with the chosen theme. In Myla’s class the room DAD set records with his amazing door decor. Hello, professional door decorator! Myla’s class chose “The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane,” and Dusty had “fast signs” make a disposable door sticker…can we say, “wowzers!”
It was Myla’s turn once again for “Traveling Tales.” This time around she wrote/made a book titled, “Life in the Philippines.” It documeneted her life while living there. She had pictures of the floods, housing, and transportation we used while there. It was really cute.
Kiana’s birthday celebration in class on her birthday, guitar cupcakes…

We usually let our kids choose where they want to eat dinner out on their birthdays. Kiana chose “Tepanyaki’s” this year…

This has been one busy week!

5 responses to “still more, from last week…”

  1. Jane!!
    I think I have finally figured this out. I did as instructed and signed into my “blog to be” first.
    Love ya. Sue

  2. How cool is room Dad? You guys are both so creative.

    I think you guys have been to more parties this week then I have been to in the last 6 months (okay, maybe year)!

  3. Kiana already has some good taste…guitars, guitar cupcakes, and tepanyaki. Three of my favorites!! Here is your fair warning Jane…once you start playing the guitar, your blogging days are over. It is the most addicting thing in the world. Can’t wait to listen to your first “jam session”

  4. What a week of fun-filled activities! Such darling pics!

    Way to go on Kiana’s rockin’ birthday! So fun! 🙂 I still can’t believe she’s 10!

    And SERIOUSLY, Dusty… you’ve outdone yourself as Room Dad! What great Door Decor! Impressive! 🙂

  5. Dusty did the door? Seriously, that is so abnormal and amazing! LOVE the guitar cupcakes! And can I just say that you look so pretty lately?

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