this is a super quick read, that i read in december while i was traveling.

We did not know what to make of her.
In our minds we tried to pin her to cork board like a butterfly,
but the pin merely went trough and away she flew.

this is a novel about the importance of being yourself, accepting you for who you are and what you are. believing in yourself and your abilities. this message is good for young teens, and for adults too. as an adult, are you being true to who you are?

of course stargirl is a fictional-magical-mythical person. she’s peter pan. she’s forrest gump. she’s linus. she’s a hundred other characters we know who in due time meet the real cruel world and are injured by it.

i stopped the book i was reading to read this one. the book cover and auther intrigued me. plus, both my older daughters had already read it. at the very least, it makes a great gift for any girl in your life who is in junior high.

friends, what have you read lately? any recommendations?

{image by me – scanned in via my book cover.}

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  1. I loved Stargirl, I read it a few years ago. Michela is just about the right age to read it now. I’ve been reading like crazy, but mostly kid and young adult books. I’ll think up some good suggestions. What kind of books do you like?

    • i’ve never had just one type of book that i like. i always enjoy a book that involves insight into another culture or lifestyle. a fiction that also teaches. +romance +adventure. 😉 i’m excited about your recommendations, can’t wait to see what you come up with! {thank you for the comment, too! i hope you guys are doing well! xo.}

  2. I just read Lift By Kelly Corrigan. It is another small, quick read. It left me teary and happy.
    “I am your mother, the first mile of your road. Me and all my obvious and hidden limitations. That means that in addition to possibly wrecking you, I have the chance to give to you what was given to me: a decent childhood, more good memories than bad, some values, a sense of a tribe, a run at happiness. You can’t imagine how seriously I take that—even as I fail you. Mothering you is the first thing of consequence that I have ever done.”

  3. Looks like a good read! My oldest is 12 and she loves to read I will have to get this one for her!! Thanks!

  4. I adore your blog. I adore your style. I love your look on life. You are a breath of fresh air. Happy I found your blog. Its a daily read for me.

  5. I read this book a couple of years ago. Loved it then. Maybe I’ll read it again. I just read The Giver and really enjoyed it, it’s a trilogy and I’m reading the 2nd one now. Are you on Good Reads? I always get good recommendations for new books there.

  6. I also second Cutting for Stone, very powerful. I am all over the place in my choice in literature, but I highly recommend NurtureShock for any parent. Sarah’s Key was a bit of a tear jerker, but very good. And I’m about to delve into To Kill a Mockingbird, I think I’m the last person on earth who never read it in high school. Happy reading! It’s one of my favorite pastimes.

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