Springville Museum of Art

I was one of two parents who took Kiana’s 5th grade class to the Springville Museum of Art today…

for a field trip.

Right now there is an incredible exhibition of Utah illustrators for Children’s Books taking place there…I totally recommend it!

I was the lucky Momma who drove the GIRLS…yes, there are 7 girls in Kiana’s class and 4 boys…that’s it!

one girl missed the field trip today, so there were only 6…
I have to note here: to all my ex-Korean English teachers –
Katie is from Mok-dong!
How cool is that!?!
{that is a neighborhoold we used to teach in!}

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  1. I love how there is Barely any kids in her class, that helps to make really Close friendships for the kids!
    Sounds like a fun field Trip.

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