spring table setting

happy may day! for many of you mommas, your kids will be out of school this month! i’m so jealous – i love summer vacation, but now that we live in new england – school doesn’t get out till the middle of June! and, it could be worse, the school district expected to have the school year end June 20th, but because we didn’t use ANY of our snow days this year our kiddos will be done June 13th. snow day credit – – – thank goodness for an easy winter!

last week i decorated these tables for a dinner celebrating the 170th birthday of this phenomenal organization. i made utensil pouches out of brown kraft paper card stock + filled mini glassine bags with rock salt & pepper and stapled these on the inside. also included: paper towel, fork, knife, spoon, and straw!  tied all together with a little yarn bow…

pink gingham plastic coated fabric from ikea.
table runner: brown kraft paper.
16″ white balloons via iparty {i filled these myself with mini helium tanks at home.}
water bottle labels: made by moi.
centerpieces: 4″ ikea pots + a variety of succulents. each guest left with a plant.

do you have any spring/summer hosting events you are preparing for???


{photos by me.}

6 responses to “spring table setting”

  1. I am trying to throw together a cinco de mayo gathering and would love to borrow some of your fun ideas: I was hoping you would have a pin for it, but no such luck! Are you hosting one or have some ideas you can share before the fact?! Thanks in advance!

  2. Hi Jane –

    your table settings are always spectacular. how did you make your water bottle labels? do you have a special dye cut machine or do you use your printer? i would greatly appreciate the answer 🙂

  3. Simply Fabulous! I’m trying to put together a similar activity for YWs. If you happen to have the time, I would love it if you created a pin with the measurements and step by step details. Happy Spring! (22 school days left for us)

  4. Can you pleeeeeeaaaaasssseeee come to Arizona and decorate for our Relief Society activities?!!! Seriously so cute!! We need a little help in that area in my ward!! haha!! Just sayin!!

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