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easter is one of those holidays that comes so quick each year, and as it goes i feel blessed, happy – and – exhausted! do you agree? it’s a day filled with traditions that i adore: dying easter eggs + new sunday clothing for the kiddos + church services + the easter bunny visits + a delicious traditional meal is to be prepared/served + depending on where you live & who you might live by – you may even have more events/activities with friends/family/church/community/work/etc.

SO. last year i had to take control & spread out the activities a bit. we usually dye eggs & plant wheat grass the weekend before so we can have them on display in our home that week. {this helps.} to make life easier, my first idea was to start the celebrations on easter eve. also, i was trying to change things up a bit to keep the older kids interested. and not just interested, but really thrilled! the easter bunny hopped on by leaving baskets + flashlights on our back porch. you can see more pictures from last year here. last year was a blast! our kiddos went crazy & we were outside in the dark for over an hour looking for eggs! i smile, just thinking about it…

you will notice a color theme to our egg hunts. if you are a family with more than one child {especially kids over 3 years old}, i recommend this! it calmly creates fairness in how many eggs/surprises everyone finds. you don’t have one ambitious egg hunter with a basket holding 100 eggs & your toddler in tears with five eggs because the older kids all found the eggs first. also, the older kids don’t mind not getting so many because they are having so much fun just trying to find their twenty. the bunny can strategically hide certain colors with more difficulty to find and keep some colors all out in the open. our kids always have twenty eggs to find each + a few extra surprises. their flashlights {from Target} also match their designated colors.

for the egg hunt – our son KJ is blue, sela is pink, myla is yellow, and kiana is green. when shopping for easter, you will discover that these four colors are typically the four colors that everything comes in. if the easter bunny leaves stuffed bunnies with colored ears, bubbles, prepackaged M&M eggs, or pencils with ribbons holding them together, whatever it is – the sets/ribbons/wrapping will almost always come in these four choices of colors. it’s ideal. {if you need more than four colors, there is purple + orange too, but after that it gets tricky.}

this year, while i’ve been scheming to plan something new – i decided to add glow in the dark eggs!  i tested them out last night & they work great! i used our large plastic eggs + glow in the dark bracelets in each of the egg colors. you can find these bracelets online, at almost any party store, plus Target/Wal*mart/etc.  locally, i purchased ours at iparty on route 9 in natick. the bracelets easily fold up & fit inside each egg with plenty of room left for a treat!

here are three pictures i took with less & less lighting till the room was pitch dark. they work so well!

the kids will still have their flashlights to find the eggs at nighttime, but some of the eggs are going to be glowing. a glowing easter ambiance! we have a beautiful trail right outside our home & i’m thinking this year, the bunny will hop on by & leave these glowing eggs along the trail. the image i have in my head is so cute, i CAN NOT WAIT! really people, i get so excited about these kinds of things.

one last detail. i think we all ooooh’d and ahhhhh’d over the glitter eggs last year. the little “egg fight” looks so fun. i just don’t have the time to make them. i found these and these at iparty! once our big papi returns home from work, i just might start an egg fight!

you can find more ideas on my spring/easter pinterest board.  my favorites: these paper bag eggs + how cute are these bunny tees + pails! i’m dying over those. i’m planting these tomorrow with the kids {remember my wheat grass/spring party from last year?  it’s time to plant again!} & don’t forget to carve a watermelon!

please share your ideas for spring traditions!

{all photos by me.}

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  1. Looks like you will be having a very festive Easter holiday Jane. Thanks for sharing all your inspiring ideas with us fans. I’ll be using your glitter eggs idea this year…it will be so fun! Sending Love and best wishes your way.

  2. Such fabulous ideas Jane! You are so inspiring and make everything an event…which is just how I feel it should be!

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