spring has sprung

My new lens and I went outside for a few minutes to capture the season. My only wish is that the warmer days would out number the colder days. But, all things in perspective, my sis resides in Juneau, Alaska and she had a fresh foot of snow last week – I doubt she has tulips yet…

This is a box elder bug, a.k.a. my constant enemy. I have already had my yard sprayed for them once this season, and today, there may have been a new MILLION of them outside.

7 responses to “spring has sprung”

  1. Spring is the greatest. I found myself getting emotional the other day. I was taking my girls on a bike ride and it felt so nice to finally be outside. It made me feel so alive, I just wanted to close my eyes and let the warmth cover my face. I love the yard work and everything else that comes with the warm weather.

  2. We have a common enemy! Those darn box elder bugs are EVERYWHERE! They even get into my house, which grosses me out beyond belief! I am constantly having to suck them up with the vacuum! I’ve tried to find a solution to get rid of them indoors, but to no avail. Any suggestions?

  3. Love the pics. I love Spring. I hate these little guys too, thay were everywhere when we lived in Holiday. EWWW!!

  4. At least your flowers are out, my bulbs still haven’t bloomed. I love spring, even though it means bugs, bugs and more bugs!

  5. Great pictures! I looooved the one spring that I lived in Provo – couldn’t get enough of the tulips blooming all along Center Street.

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